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Our dedication and determination to securing a favorable outcome for you whether you are preparing to file for divorce or are dealing with post judgment issues has secured Regan A. Barbetti a positive reputation across New Jersey with our colleagues to resolve cases expeditiously for a majority of our clients.
While your case might be a contested matter at first, our firm is dedicated to providing you the right advice and preparing a legal position that is grounded in fact and law.
Often times a contested matter becomes an uncontested matter after receiving the right guidance. You do not want counsel that will engage you in years of unwanted litigation if there is a real possibility of settlement.
Our firm often prepares settlement agreements as well as consent orders, for a Judge to sign, so that you can move on with your life without having to continue in the Court system if you do not have to.
Often times parties come to us indicating that there is no possibility of settlement. However after presenting a fair and grounded position, it is not uncommon that our firm can get the job done. Contact us today at Law Office of Regan A Barbetti, LLC, 732-800-1169,

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For the customized legal representation you need for your Settlements and Consent Orders case, please contact us today. Our firm understands that each case is different, which is why we are always guided by the uniquely personal issues of each client and the various economic factors that exist.

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