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Child alienation can be a very upsetting occurrence when parents are dissolving their marriage by way of divorce or can occur when two parents are simply not getting along. Sometimes a parent is alienating a child without even realizing that they are doing it.
Typically both parents are concerned about the best interest of their child and can agree that speaking negatively about the other in front of the child is not in the child’s best interest.
Unfortunately, there are instances where a parent may use the divorce or the current situation to either attempt to gain the trust and love of their child at the other parent’s expense or attempt to tarnish the relationship of the child with the other parent for a variety of reasons such as jealousy and insecurity.  These types of situations can be damaging to a child and the family as a whole.
Parental Alienation Syndrome has sparked a debate over the years as to whether it should be classified as a mental health disorder. Typically they are viewed as a relationship disorder rather than a mental disorder.
However, while some judges recognize this type of alienation, after seeing high conflict cases come before the Court over the years they all remain dedicated to protect the best interest of the children. Due to same, if the Court finds that you or your spouse is purposefully attempting to damage the other parties relationship with the child, harsh consequences may ensue.
If you believe you may be a victim of New Jersey Parental Alienation, an evaluation may be required. Often times there are signs that reflect the alienation which has already caused you alarm. Some things to consider are:

  1. Whether your child acts differently when around the other parent?
  2. Does your child act out aggressively?
  3. Is your child scared that he or she said something that the other parent might not approve of?
  4. Are you denied parenting time or telephone contact?
  5. Are you denied access to your child’s school records or health records?

Plus More!
If you are concerned that you are being alienated from your child or that your child is suffering brain washing at the hands of the other parent, it is important to contact a New Jersey attorney who specializes in parental alienation. At The Law Office of Regan A Barbetti, we understand that being alienated from your child can be extremely hurtful. We remain dedicated to help you protect the best interest of your children and help you through this difficult time.

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